Onewheel Pint - Car Charger

    Onewheel Pint - Car Charger


      Car Charger Onewheel Pint

      For sale in Halifax, NS, Moncton NB, and Charlottetown PEI.

      For questions don't hesitate to drop us a line at SALES@EASTCOASTFLOAT.CA

      Charge your Pint on the go with the Pint Car Charger.
      Here's the good news, the Onewheel Pint Car Charger actually juices up your board faster than your standard Home charger.
      Ready for more good news
      It's custom 90-degree connector design fits perfectly with the Onewheel Car Holder for the ultimate trunk setup. Keep your board topped off with the Pint Car Charger

      Compatible with Onewheel Pint

      NOT compatible with Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR
      10A cigarette lighter outlet required. Approx charge time: 90 minutes